Saturday, 5 March 2016

Maktest TK1024

It has been more than a decade since Maktest has introduced very first Hydraulic Unit Injector Test Stand. Hydraulic Unit Injector technology have developed and progressed ever since.

Testing procedures and test specifications were needed to be revised to comply with the progress.

TK1024 injectester HEUI is redesigned with respect to the developments in HEUI technology. Computerized controls present the flexibility to adapt to all these changes and possible changes in future.

Accuracy in HEUI testing highly depends on effective temperature  control and injector drive technology. TK1024 has now better temperature control and minimized need for cooling water.

TK1024 injectester HEUI is designed upon 30 years of diesel injection background of Maktest and assembled with perfection.

Maktest has training centers in 5 locations around the world. Training centers are focused to help customers to stay up to date with new diesel injection systems. Customers are trained for repairing various fuel injection systems, using special tools and interpretation of test results. Training centers provide continuous support to the customers to help them solve their repair and diagnose problems with diesel injection systems.

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