Saturday, 5 March 2016

Maktest TK1022

A vast majority of new generation light commercial road vehicles and heavy duty diesel engine applications are equipped TK1022 injectester CR Manual is a simple, hand operated test stand for initial testing of the common rail injectors.

It is designed to save time by checking return flow and spray pattern before actually putting it into a more complete test on TK1026 injectester CRb.

Its simple and ergonomical design helps customers to perform fast and reliable tests on every model of common rail injector. New touch panel display shows the instantenous pressure as a graph on the screen which allows to understand the pressure holding capability of the injector easily.

TK1022 is created to be a multipurpose testing solution for all types of injectors; both mechanical and Common Rail. It can test 2-spring mechanical injectors with precision. First spring and second spring opening pressures are measured separately at two different settings.

Maktest has training centers in 5 locations around the world. Training centers are focused to help customers to stay up to date with new diesel injection systems. Customers are trained for repairing common rail injectors, using special tools and interpretation of test results. Training centers provide continuous support to the customers to help them solve their repair and diagnose problems with diesel injection problems.

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